Bingham Academy Support Package

Bingham Academy’s expatriate staff are all missionary volunteers and do not receive a salary. In order to keep the task of support-raising to a minimum, Bingham provides a generous support package. If your sending office would like to see the financial breakdown of these items as they help you to set your budget, please ask them to email their request to


Please don’t book tickets until you have received clearance from the HR Manager to do so.

At the beginning of your first two-year term, Bingham Academy will refund one incoming flight from your passport country to Ethiopia. At the end of the two-year term, Bingham Academy will refund one outgoing flight to your passport country. Thereafter Bingham Academy will refund a round trip flight to your home country for each full year of service. Flight refunds are pro-rated for part time staff. You will be taught how to submit an internal expense form to claim back your flight costs. If you are unable to afford the upfront flight then we may be able to book it through our travel agent. Flights for dependents are not part of the support package. Please contact


Bingham Academy has 28 on-compound apartments which are available to full-time staff. Part time staff are not eligible for accommodation support. There is no rent associated with on compound housing. The school asks staff to live on compound when space is available as this is the most cost effective method of providing housing. Where space is not available, the school will rent a house in the community. It is possible to request off-compound accommodation but associated costs will be your responsibility if an appropriate space is available on-compound. For safety and transition, all single staff members are asked to live on-compound for their first year and then can apply to live in the community afterwards. For more information see Accommodation/Housing.


For on-compound residents all utilities are included and you won’t even see the bills. For off-compound staff there is a reimbursement system for utilities. Some conditions apply. Utilties are considered to be: electricity, water, Butagas, and internet. There is also a supply of wood-fuel which is accessible to all staff.


Tuition fees are waived for up to four children per family serving at Bingham Academy. The New Family fee is also waived. Some fees do still apply: annual Capital Development contribution; external examination charges ; musical instruments; after school clubs; school lunches; school trips; Bingham merchandise; PE uniform and bookbag (KG). For more information please see Parent/Student Handbook available on request from


Full-time staff members receive use of the Bingham fleet of vehicles up to 200km per month. This is non-cumulative. Conditions apply. For more information see Driving in Ethiopia.


All staff members receive a free lunch from the school kitchen on days when the kitchen is open. These are ordered ahead of time through our Food Services Coordinator’s lunch booking system. Lunches for spouses and children can also be ordered through the lunch booking system. The cost is 80 Birr for a full lunch and 50 Birr for a half serving. The kitchen is pork and peanut free and can often cater for specific dietary requirements.

Professional Development

An annual budget provides for staff to attend professional development courses which are in line with Bingham’s goals. Some of this budget may also be applied towards post-graduate qualifications. Professional Devlopment allowance is pro-rated for part-time staff.

Language Acquisition

Learning some Amharic, especially greetings and pleasantries, is essential for successful transition into both Bingham Academy and Ethiopia. To that end we provide free weekly language tuition from our in-house tutors. This is available to staff and their spouses.