Elementary School:

At the elementary level, our Creative Arts team is pleased to currently offer general music lessons for our KG1 – Grade 3 students and recorder lessons to our Grade 4 and Grade 5 students twice a week. The elementary school also performs a Christmas Concert.

All of our elementary students attend art lessons twice a week. Their creations are displayed in the classroom and during concerts and other special class/school events. Our Grade 3 students also have an opportunity to perform a play.



Middle School:

Our Grade 6 students participate in one music class a week. This grade is currently learning to play the ukulele.

Grade 7 students have one music class a week while Grade 8 students have two music lessons a week for half the year and two art lessons a week for the other half. These are general music lessons with varying unit topics and focus on group work, playing instruments and composing.

 Our middle school students also participate in a Christmas Concert.

 Drama lessons are also offered to our Grade 6 – 8 students. All three age groups perform a play at the end of the semester. Grade 6 performs a short play, Grade 7 devises children’s theater and grade 8 performs a short version of Shakespeare.

 Art lessons are given one hour a week for Grade 6 and Grade 7 students and two hours a week for a semester for our Grade 8 students.

 In addition, any middle schooler with interest has an opportunity to join the worship group for chapels.


High School:

In high school students can participate in IGCSE Music, Drama or Art. The course offered depends on the interest of the students. Students engage in these courses for 4 hours a week for two years. If music or drama is selected, a performance is expected in both courses.

 A Bingham Academy Arts course is also available for Grades 11-12

 Also, any high schooler with interest has an opportunity to join the worship group for chapels.




Bingham Academy also offers a piano teacher who gives private lessons during school hours as well as after school.

 Our creative arts team strives to organize a larger school drama production once every four years.

Bingham Academy’s student council arranges a talent show which is performed during the last week of school.

Our students sometimes participate in art projects during the secondary school’s vertical tutoring groups (VTGs).