Every student is involved in some type of sport at Bingham Academy; it is an important part of our well-rounded curriculum and extracurricular program.  In school, all students are afforded a PE class opportunity, including higher level elective PE in High School in the form of IGCSE PE and Sport Science.  PE classes focus on skill building and introduction to game play in many different sports. 

In our extracurricular sports program we offer basketball, volleyball, and soccer for U12, U14, U16 and U19 age groups, and our teams compete in the local ISSAAA league.  For all ages there is cross country and every student including our youngest KG1 students, participate in our annual track and field school competition called “Field Day”.

Sport has proven benefits including improved physical health, mental health and positive socialization.  Besides these advantages, sport at Bingham brings us closer together.  Whether teammates learning to collaborate, older students coaching younger ones, cheering each other on in our league games, or forging stronger relationships between students and coaches, we have seen sport bring us together over the years.  We are the Lions…We are Bingham!

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2018-19 Season 1 

U19 Girls Volleyball - 2nd place

U19 Boys Volleyball - 2nd place 


2018-19 Season 2 - 

U14 Girls Soccer - 2nd place

U14 Boys Soccer - 6th place

U16 Girls Basketball - 2nd place

U16 Boys Basketball - 4th place

U19 Girls Basketball - 1st place

U19 Boys Basketball - 4th place


Outstanding Sportsman and Sportswoman Record

2015-2016 – Andrea Johnson/Julia Pearson and Josiah Long/Joseph Pearson

2016-2017 – Anesu Musabayana and Mehba Teshome

2017-2018 – Tracy Johnson and Schlitz Masheleni