The overall goal of the home-school program is to have an active program through Bingham Academy that supports quality Christian education in a multicultural community, developing students of integrity and to facilitate a supportive home school community through providing resources, fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.

The purpose of the BA home school program is to encourage and support missionary families. It’s designed to assist missionary home school parents as they aim to meet the educational needs of their children, to provide these parents with an alternative to boarding their children, to support missionary parents who choose to home school and to value these families as an important part of the BA community.

The BA home school program has its own admissions procedures and payment structure.Acceptance into the home school program is based on meeting the requirements and goals and on space availability.

Two options for enrollment:

 Option # 1: includes access to the home school conference during term one, home school resource center, Bingham library access, field days, extracurricular activities, fellowship times among home schooling families, reading/learning assessments, visits to families by the Home School Coordinator (HSC) or BA teacher, and end-of-year retreat.  

Option #2: in addition to the above, allows for a family to join the program with the use of some classroom days at BA.  This option allows students to attend classes at BA during the three days of the Home School Conference and the week of field days at no charge.   In addition to these days, the students are allowed 20 classroom days at BA per school year at the day rate of full-time students if they choice the Dual Enrollment option.  

Requirements of all home school families include parents providing their own curriculum, monitoring their children’s progress and reaching the goals of the chosen curriculum, and adhering to their home country’s educational standards and expectations. Yearly assessment/testing of each HS student is required to remain in the BA home school program.