Accommodation and Housing

Bingham Academy has 28 on-campus apartments where many of our staff reside. Some of our staff also live off-campus in the community. A variety of factors are taken into account when allocating housing: role within the school, length of term serving, individual and family needs, and teaching loads. Many hours are spent prayerfully considering the best possible allocation of accommodation to people, while also taking into account limited resources and many other variables. We will confirm whether or not you have been allocated on-compound housing at the end of May. We do not confirm specific apartment allocations until arrival because changes happen so quickly that it invariably leads to disappointment. If you are required to live in off-site housing, Bingham Academy provides rental, utilities and transport subsidies (some limits apply). 

Set your expectations carefully and everything else will follow smoothly.

It's important to set expectations well whenever accommodation is being thought of. It's one of the key areas that missionaries find challenging wherever they go! It helps to remember that you are moving to a developing nation where materials, facilities and standards are generally of a lower quality than more developed countries. Bingham housing has stood the test of time! We have an on-site maintenance team who are dedicated to the upkeep of our campus buildings. They deal with all sorts of jobs from electrics to plumbing and painting. 


The pictures above will give you a feel for the style of our housing. We deliberately keep the decor of Bingham apartments plain - this allows incomers to personalise their living space to their own tastes. Expect your  apartment to feel a little empty when you first arrive, but don't worry - within a few weeks your house will begin to feel like home. Some people find it useful to bring some lightweight items from home to start the process: for example photographs, soft furnishing or accessories. There are lots of opportunities in and around Addis to shop for ornaments, soft-furnishings, art works and furniture. 


The lists below indicate what is supplied with your apartment. All apartments are equipped with the necessities for living but that may not include items that you are accustomed to in your own country. Read carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions!



Oven/stove; refrigerator; toaster; stove-top kettle; stove-top coffee pot; electric hand-held mixer.

Food Preparation: 

Chopping boards; sharp knives; can opener (manual); bottle opener; potato masher; grater; vegetable peeler; mixing bowls;  plastic hand-held juicer; hand-held whisk; spatulas; colander.


Saucepans; frying pan; wooden spoons; casserole dish.


Rolling pin; measuring cups; sieve; cooling rack; biscuit/cookie tray; muffin tin; cake tin; loaf/bread tin.


Dinner plates; side plates; bowls; serving plate; mugs/cups; glasses; plastic cups; cutlery; serving utensils; ladle; tongs; water jug.


Plastic storage boxes; tea towels; rubbish and recycling buckets; dish draining rack; mop; broom;


  • Bingham does not supply: microwave, electric kettle, electric coffee pot; food processor/blender; rice cooker; or electric fryer. These items are often available for purchase in the city.

  • Not all apartments have a freezer, but all residents have access to the shared freezers located at various points on the compound.



1 bed per single or 1 double bed for couples; 1 foam mattress per bed; 1 pillow per person; 2 wool blankets per person; mattress protectors; curtains; closet/wardrobe/drawer storage for clothes; coat hangers.


  • Where families have young children and/or those of the same sex, the expectation is that bedrooms will be shared.

  • Bingham does not supply sheets, duvets, duvet covers and pillow cases. These can be bought in Addis but are often of a lower quality than staff are used to in their home country. We advise incoming staff to bring bedding with them.

  • Addis Ababa gets cold at night time! Pyjamas, bed socks, dressing gowns/house coats and slippers are all good investments for the climate.

  • Bingham does not supply lamps. They can be purchased within Addis but style, colour, price and quality are unpredictable! We advise staff to bring lamps with them.



Shower and/or bathtub; shower curtain; bath mat; face cloth / wash cloth; hand towels; laundry basket and toilet brush.


  • Not all apartments have a bath tub.

  • Bingham does not supply bath towels. These can be bought in Addis but are often of a lower quality than staff are used to in their home country. We advise incoming staff to bring towels with them.

Living/Dining Area


Sofa/chairs; dining table and chairs; various shelving/storage.


  • Bingham does not supply a television, sound system, dvd player, soft-furnishing such as throws or cushions; clocks; or lamps. These can be purchased in Addis or brought in as staff arrive. There may be opportunities to purchase these items from those who are leaving Addis.

  • Not all apartments have fire places. Bingham does not supply heaters although these can be purchased in Addis if you find you need them.

  • Remember, living areas can seem bare at first, but it doesn’t take long to give them a personal touch. You might decide to bring a few items with you to make your apartment homier.


Not all apartments have a dedicated washing machine. Irons and ironing boards are not provided in apartments. There are shared laundry areas across the campus with washing machines, irons and ironing boards and tumble dryers (for use only in the rainy season). Each apartment has a dedicated laundry drying space.