Taylor Victorious

Taylor Victory 2017

Field Day, January 27th and 28th, was a sporting spectacular. There was a carnival atmosphere throughout the event as serious competition led to spirited rivalry between the houses. Everyone put in their best performances; several school records were broken; and the family fun races were entered into with great school spirit. A shout goes out to Mr Berger who carried all of the young ladies in his household during the Father-Daughter piggy-back race! Carey, Scott and Taylor vied for first place with each house taking the lead at one point or another. But it was the Reds who brought home the final victory of the day - a fitting tribute to our outgoing Director and his family who are passionate Taylorians. As far as we can tell, Taylor house have not been Field Day victors since 2003, so we are especially thrilled to congratulate them in 2017. We must also mention Miss Arbaugh, a one-woman cheer-leading squad for Taylor house, who would bleed team spirit if she got cut and who has been in her Happy Place since last weekend. Congratulations Taylor house and well done to everyone who took part in Field Day 2017. We look forward to next year!

Jemma Fifield