Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Joseph the Musical

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph: what a season that was!

Little did we know in March 2015 when we bought the license to put on this production that it would turn into such a big and wonderful event. It was clear we could manage the music, but we had little idea then about drama, a stage or costumes. In August we agreed to create choreographies for our newly founded Vertical Tutor Groups and we agreed to a weekly rehearsal schedule of 10 minutes dancing. Our music teacher agreed to coach our choirs, our art teacher and a helpful mum bravely agreed to design costumes. Sometime in September the musical leaders made the bold decision to buy 400 colourful t-shirts each with a brilliant original design just for this occasion. It was getting bigger, expensive and a little scary!

But God had told us right from the start that this production was going to be good: He had said that very clearly and we have been declaring and believing it the whole time. And as well we made it our declaration that this production would be characterised by fun: it should be recreational not dull for everyone involved, even if it did involve hard work. Our biggest gap - drama - was filled in September with our brilliantly gifted stage director. What a blessing it was to us that she took all those weeks to invest in our school and this production.

In November our t-shirts got stuck at an airport in the US. Just as we had been asking God about every detail of this production, so we then asked God to un-stick the t-shirts, wherever they were. Fittingly (in a story about dreams) after we had prayed, our sound technician dreamed in the night that the t-shirts had arrived in Addis. A phone-call confirmed he was right and they were picked up the next day! Finally in December, just in time for the show, the team of carpenter put together our 10 x 8m stage which transformed our gym into an impressive theatre.

Now there remain great memories, a lot of Joseph-songs to be heard around school, lots of t-shirts worn by students and staff, some excellent footage and a whole load of testimonies of how individuals and we as a school have been blessed by this production. This great story of God speaking to his children, of His faithfulness to what He has promised in spite of circumstances which look more than bleak and then a beautiful finale of reconciliation and forgiveness. It has provoked some great collaboration in the school and has given opportunity for so many students to show us all what talent God has put in them. It will be hard to beat.

Thanks again to all and everyone who have been involved. May our God get all the praise He deserves for the creativity and joy He has given to us!

Lucy Hottmann, Creative Arts Director