Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



Applications for the 2017/2018 academic year have closed. Applications for the 2018/2019 academic year will open on 1 January 2018.

Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

1.                   What are the criteria for admission?

Applicants must have a foreign passport and their age should be appropriate for the grade for which they are applying. If the applicant has Ethiopian citizenship, then he/she is required to acquire a letter from the Ministry of Education confirming that the applicant may attend our school. For KG1, applicants should be 4 years old by August 31.

2.                   What are the priorities for enrolment?

                      Students from:

                      a.         Owner/Sustaining Missions

                      b.         Sister Missions

                      c.          Siblings of current BA students

                      d.         All other applicants

3.                   What is Sister Mission status? How do I apply for Sister Mission status?

Sister Missions have the opportunity to partner with BA in the provision of staff on a self-support basis. For each qualifying staff member provided (defined by BA Board policy), a tuition rebate will be paid to the mission group providing the staff member.

Applications for Sister Mission status are available from the BA office. Applications must be submitted by mid-December to the Head of School to be decided upon by the following February/March. 

4.                   What are the grades at BA?

Bingham Academy has Grades KG1 – Grade 12. There is only one class per grade.

5.                   What are class sizes like?

The ideal class size for KG1 &  KG2 is 16. For Grade 1 – Grade 12 the ideal size is 25. 

6.                   How do I apply for admission?

Our enrolment period begins on the 1st of January and lasts until the 28th of February. Applicants who fulfill the requirements (see question 1) can apply by filling in the application form which can be found at a link on this page during the admissions period. General inquiries can be made to the Admissions Officer at: Required documents to accompany the application are:

·         a recent copy of school reports

·         a copy of the applicant’s passport

·         a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate

·         a passport sized photo of the applicant and

·         a non-refundable application fee of ETB500.00

·         a completed Recommendation Form from the previous school (not required for KG1 and KG2) - click here for Grades 1-5 and here for                        Grades 6-12.

7.                   Is there an assessment for applicants?

Applicants will take an assessment after their application has been reviewed. The assessment is usually administered in March. Applicants will take the test only if there is space in the grade for which they have applied. Please note that taking the assessment or passing it does not guarantee that applicants will be accepted. 

8.                   Do applicants for Grade 11 take the assessment test?

Students applying for Grade 11, even if taking the IGCSE examinations at another school, must still sit the BA placement exam in March. They must also submit their IGCSE exam results once available. A grade of ‘C’ or above is expected in each course before acceptance will be considered.

9.               Is there a way in which I can get in contact with the Head of School or Principals?

The Director and/or the Elementary Principal and/or the Secondary Principal will be available at set times during the admissions period  to discuss the school and the possibility of enrolment. Bookings for these sessions are required. Make your booking by emailing the Admissions Officer at  Parents who will not be in Addis Ababa during the enrolment period can make an appointment with the Admissions Officer to have a tour of the campus. 

10.               What are the tuition fees for 2017/2018*?

Tuition fees for 2017/2018 are yet to be finalised but will be not significantly different from the 2016/2017 fees which are shown below:







New Family Fee

Annual Capital Development

Tier 1 - Standard Fees

USD 4,050.00

USD 5,400.00

USD 8,095.00

USD 8,550.00

USD 8,995.00

USD 3,000.00

USD 880.00 per child

Tier 2 - Owner/Sustaining

USD 1,020.00

USD 1,350.00

USD 2,030.00

USD 2,145.00

USD 2,255.00

USD 750.00

USD 880.00 Child 1

USD 220.00 each remaining child

IGCSE Exam Fee (Gr. 9 & 10): USD 242.00 (to be confirmed)

AS/A Level Exam Fee (Gr. 11 & 12): USD 242.00 (to be confirmed)

* Please note these fees are reviewed annually.

11.               When does the 2017/2018 school year begin?

The 2017-2018 school year at Bingham Academy will begin on the 22nd of August 2017.

12.               Which curriculum do you follow?

We use the Cambridge International Examinations Curriculum from Grades 1 to 12. For further information visit the CIE website at

13.               Do you keep a waiting list for future admissions?

We have a limited capacity to take new students each year. If a space for the coming academic year opens up after the admissions period but before the start of the new school year, we will contact previously unsuccessful applicants to see if they would still like to be considered for a place. However, we do not keep a long term waiting list and we do not hold applications from one admissions period to the next. If your application is unsuccessful and you wish to apply for admission for the following school year, you will need to submit a new application during the next admissions period.

14.                Does Bingham Academy have a Child Safety Policy?

Bingham Academy is wholly committed to the provision of a safe environment for our students and the school community. All potential staff will undergo a screening process which includes police/background checks and contact with employment and pastoral referees. Our staff complete child safety training annually and commit to a code of conduct to ensure child safety. Similarly, volunteers complete a police/ background check, child safety training and agree to abide by our code of conduct. Bingham Academy has a robust process for the investigation of any reports of concerns in relation to child safety. Bingham Academy is a member of the Child Safety Protection Network.