Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are the criteria for admission?

Applicants must have a foreign passport and their age should be appropriate for the grade for which they are applying. If the applicant has Ethiopian citizenship, then he/she is required to acquire a letter from the Ministry of Education confirming that the applicant may attend our school. For KG1, applicants should be 4 years old by August 31st.

2 What are the priorities for enrolment?

Students from:

a. Owner/Sustaining Missions

b. Sister Missions

c. Siblings of current BA students

d. All other applicants

3 What is Sister Mission status? How do I apply for Sister Mission status?

Sister Missions have the opportunity to partner with BA in the provision of staff on a self-support basis. For each qualifying staff member provided (defined by BA Board policy), a tuition rebate will be paid to the mission group providing the staff member.

Applications for Sister Mission status are available from the BA office. Applications must be submitted by mid-December to the Head of School to be decided upon by the following February/March.

4 What are the grades at BA?

Bingham Academy has Grades KG1 – Grade 12. There is only one class per grade.