Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2016 Basketball Tournament

2016 International Basketball Tournament

After years of dreaming and six months of planning, preparation and fundraising, Bingham Academy hosted the first ever ICSA (International Christian Schools of Africa) basketball tournament from February 18-20, 2016. In total, 150 boys, girls and coaches participated in what we hope will become an annual event.

Participating Schools

Although the foundation of this event was the basketball tournament, the motivation of the schools and coaches was also to have Christian students from all over Africa come together to be encouraged in their faith and to worship God together. Our speakers, Dr Ernie Frey and Kent Austell, spoke at five worship and teaching sessions during the tournament. The theme of the talks was DANGEROUS and the teaching prompted students to consider questions such as:

  1. To what is God calling you to give your life?
  2. Does God's character and confidence in Christ shape your identity?
  3. Are you on the same team as the God of the universe?

All of Him died for all of me, that all of me might live for all of Him.

Tournament Results

Teams played a round robin format on the Thursday and Friday. Playoffs to decide final positions were held on the Saturday.

Boys Girls
Playoff for 1st Bingham 33 def Heritage 20 Rosslyn 25 def Bingham 16
Playoff for 3rd Rosslyn 33 def Gitega 23 Heritage 28 def HOPAC 22
Playoff for 5th HOPAC 26 def AIS 18 Gitega 21 def AIS 16

It was an amazing three days of basketball characterized by teams who prayed together and cheered "For Him!" before each game. People were challenged in their faith and got to worship with players from all over Africa, celebrating diverse cultures and forming new friendships.

We want to thank all of you who gave of your prayers, your time, your resources and your finances to impact Christian students in Africa!